Coordinating lamps

last month

I just ordered a sectional for my living room. I don’t have a picture yet. I’m thinking about lamps. The sectional has a space in the corner where I can put a floor lamp. I’m also putting a table lamp on the left side. On the right side, I’d also like to have a floor lamp. First photo is the table lamp I’d like to buy (the picture cuts off some of the shade). The second photo is a floor lamp I like. The shade looks different in the photo, but the description of the color/texture is the same. The floor lamp comes with two lamps. One option is to put one lamp on the right arm, and the other behind the corner of the sectional (this is the long side of the sectional). The other option is to use just one of the two lamps on the right, and put an arc lamp in the corner. Third picture is an arc lamp I’ve seen. But then the arc lamp will have a different color shad. Is it if for shades to not match?

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