Looking for a interesting, quality knife

John Messenger
last month

Good Day,

I hope my email find you well. My name is John Morgan Messenger

I'm looking for a wedding present for a lifelong friend. I was the best man in his wedding last Oct and due to covid complications, I’ve been unable to afford a proper gift for him and his new wife.

His name is Spencer, and he loves a good kitchen knife. I’m looking to get him something special, but not necessarily expensive as, well, that’s just not in the cards, unfortunately.

I'm thinking something Japanese, or German-made or possibly a Mongolian Chefs knife/Serbian Cleaver as he could use it outside and at the BBQ. He really likes 'Cool' stuff, meaning if it has a story behind it or the company or the creator, Ex: forged individually by master cutler using steel from etc etc place that’s really interesting he’d love it !.

I’m also interested in a custom engraving of his initials, but that is by no means a deal breaker, just a thought.

I’ve run into roadblock after road block trying to speak with someone of whom really knows there stuff and could help me find a interesting, great quality knife, within a budget.

Any and all help would be ever so much appreciated a far as options in regard to the above.

Thank you kindly in advance.. I sure do appreciate any advice a great deal


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