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I am planning on a retro style fridge for this guest house kitchen. I like the look, the size and especially the price. The issue is that it only comes with the handles on the left and the hinge on the right. To get this size and style fridge with a hinge on the left means I have to switch brands and the price pretty much doubles, so that’s a no for me. Ignore the colors of the cabinets and such, I’m going to go with black cabinets most likely, but it depends on availability. There are no upper cabinets from the hood around to the window because of an angled dropped ceiling.

So this is my original plan with the fridge in the ”pantry” section. I like the hutch style cabinet on the end run and would store dishes in the drawers next to the dishwasher and put glasses in the upper section. I would put a pull out trash in the island most likely. I would have to put my microwave on the countertop in this layout.

Or I can move the fridge to the end of the L. This gives me the ability to put the microwave in the pantry section. I guess I could store plates and bowls in the drawers in the island and put glasses and mugs in the upper cabinet by the hood? Maybe a bit more of a trek when unloading the dishwasher, but it’s not a big space. This does give me space to scoot the sink and DW away from the corner so I could fit a pull out trash to the right of the sink instead of in the island. Also you can see the fridge opens away from the kitchen prep area.

This is the style fridge and range, not necessarily this color.

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