Getting LOTS of address labels!!

6 days ago
last modified: 6 days ago

I think one or more of the charities I donated to at the end of last year sold my name/address. I am getting sooo many name & address labels. Some also include a little notepad with a few sheets. I rarely send snail mail so most of the labels are trashed.

Yesterday, I got a big envelope from Boys Town & had a *bunch* of stuff in it:

•2022 calendar

•2022 monthly planner

•8 lovely Christmas cards with matching envelopes (I don't send, so will give to someone.)

•2 ink pens that write nicely

•Address labels, Christmas themed

•C-mas themed stickers & To/From labels

....and of course, a solicitation for a donation.

Edit to add: Oh! I missed mentioning a CD of 13 Christmas songs was also in the packet.

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