sweet summer squash?

So now that I think I've mastered squash vine borer avoidance, I'm anxious to branch out on types of squash to plant. I used to have a hard time with butternut, which is supposedly "resistant" to SVBs, but my Texas SVBs sneer at that idea of "resistance". I had a blazingly good butternut season this year, and never once encountered borer damage, which I had regularly in previous years.

So, in thinking about next year, my question is about summer squash. What is the sweetest summer squash? Zucchini is, er, kinda dull. I want summer squash that actually has flavor. Sweetness would be nice. I want a good tasting squash that you eat immature, such that you eat the rind as well. That's summer squash.

I have been pointed at Tatume, which sounds pretty nice. Other ideas? It is said that Tatume is SVB "resistant", but, um ...

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