Questions about a variegated pink lemon tree

last month

So iI may have at least convinced my wife to tolerate, if not slightly participate, in my obsession with plants. She is quite fond of variegated foliage, so to appease her iI have been looking at the variegated pink lemon tree to add to my collection, but had a couple of questions.

First, when looking around recently (not the best time to shop citrus iI am sure), most of the trees for sale are rooted cuttings, with the few grafted ones available over twice the price. Is the variegated lemon susceptible enough to root issues if grown in a container that the grafting is worth it?

Second, when looking at some pictures the variegated edges look light cream to white on some, and yellow on others.iI suspected this was the camera tinting the color, but could someone confirm whether there are some that are not light cream edges?

Thank you!


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