What size would you consider this load of laundry?

29 days ago

Kinda new to laundry. Washer is a top loading HE whirlpool cabrio. The detergent I bought has markings for how much to use for a small, medium, large or extra large. Besides bed sheets and that stuff, I'm questioning what size would my load of clothes quality as in size load. Like for example, the load I'm doing tomorrow is usually about the most of a load I'll do, and probably the same size I'll do everytime I wash. It is: 2 blue jeans, 2 regular t-shirts (cotton) 4 pairs of sock and 8 or 9 pairs of underwear. First time I washed I thought it was like the old washers that fill up all the way with water. The clothes MAYBE filled up around or slightly less than 1/4 of the drum and that's all of the water that filled up too. Not used to these HE washers so I think I overdosed with too much detergent. I added the amount for extra large, thinking that is what the tub was gonna fill with water. Is this size load more of say a small or medium size? Yes, I'm also using HE detergent

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