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Walmart's awful new online ordering system

2 years ago

I've been placing orders on Walmart's website (for curbside pickup and for shipping) ever since the pandemic started. Very happy with them--until now. They changed the ordering system, and it's a mess. I used to start by choosing 2-day shipping or curbside pickup, and then begin shopping for items. Now you can't choose at the start; you just shop. It'll say things like, "7 of your items can be shipped," and I want to say, "So what?" It's annoying and confusing. This morning I tried to start a new order and it kept asking me if I wanted to reorder all of last week's items.

My DIL tells me the website is consistently out of bread. She's been trying to order bread for three weeks, but has had to get it elsewhere. I think that must be a website glitch.

Plus some of the prices took a dramatic leap in past two weeks. These are not welcome changes. Neither is Walmart's new account verification, which sometimes works and sometimes results in an error message.

Anyone else dealing with these things?

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