What should we do with cut out between kitchen and family room?

26 days ago

We bought a house built in 2003 and it needs a lot of updating. I need advice on what to do with the cutout near ceiling between kitchen and family room where we watch television. The recessed lighting from the kitchen shines in your face when you are in the family room. It is very bad when you are seated on the sofa. The kitchen ceiling has 6 recessed lights (on the other side of cutout in photo.) I don't think we want to remove the recessed lights. I don't know if a dark baffle would help or if I should get a directional recessed light. Would I have to get 6 of them? I have also seen recessed lights that are more "recessed" and the bulb is more up in ceiling, perhaps this would help. I have no idea. Does anyone have suggestions on what we might do to reduce the glare in your face? We have thought about just closing up the cutout with sheetrock, but this would mean we would lose all the light it provides into the family room.

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