Need Advice With Structural Upgrades For New Build

Mike A
7 days ago


We are building a new home and narrowed down what we are on the fence about. We were hoping to have people chime in on their experience and opinion.

We are building a two story home with 6 bedrooms and 4 full baths with 2 half baths (2 beds downstairs with 2 full baths and 1 half bath, 4 bedrooms upstairs that are Jack and Jills with 2 shared bathrooms with 1 half bath).

  1. Is it worth it to convert one of the half baths upstairs to a full bath? The half bath is the only bathroom that is accessible without going into one of the Jack and Jills bathroom. We thought this would be worth it but the price is about $4,500 to convert it to a full bath. It would be more for guests or visitors to use. *Also, we could actually have that half bathroom converted into a full master bathroom as well for $12,000. (There would be 2 master suites -- 1 on first floor and 1 on second floor) This upgrade would require the media/theater room to connect to the half bath and additional storage room (storage room is standard and can be upgraded to 2nd utility room or for this owner's suite upgrade) to create the owner's suite 2.

  2. we were given the option to upgrade all first floor doors (6'8 feet) to 8'0 feet. The first floor ceiling height is 9'4 and there are about 11 doors on the first floor. Cost is $3900.

  3. we also have a tandem 3 car garage that has optional exterior side/service door to enter from the side. The side lot set back is about 5 feet and adding the door will also add a 3 feet concrete slab for the door. Cost is $2100. Would adding the door look weird with the set back of the property at 5 feet? Also, is the upgrade really worth it? We currently have a side door on our current home but we had it added for free from our previous build.

  4. we also have an option to have an exterior/pool door in the back of the house that will be right next to the bathroom on the first floor. Granted the sliding door is also really close to the bathroom as well. Adding the exterior door only saves the walking trip from the Lanai about 3-4 feet to the bathroom but also adds in extra light for the hallway since it is a French door. Cost for upgrade $2790. We currently do not have a pool but might plan for one in the future.

  5. 1 of the 2 Jack and Jills we plan on upgrading from the tub to a shower as we felt having no showers upstairs to be less versatile. What are your thoughts on that? Change from tub to shower with shower pan is $1700.

These upgrades are pretty expensive and we certainly want to make sure that with the amount it costs, if it'll be worth it and if it will help in the resale down the road.

Thank you very much for your time and input!

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