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Please tell me about the herb Sweet Marjoram...

2 years ago

I have never seen the plant but have tasted both fresh and dried marjoram and would like to grow it.

There is such conflicting information on the www. Everyone says that marjoram is a tender perennial.

Several sites say it is hardy to zone 9 and higher. Such as Annie's Annuals and this outfit is in general reliable about the information they provide.

Some other sites say hardy to zone 7 such as GrowJoy and Growers Exchange

And this nursery/website Fragrantfields says zone 6!

In your experience which zone is Marjoram hardy to? I need to know to figure out if I can grow outside or not.

And what soil and other conditions does it like to grow in for best flavor and health? Wherever oregano is happy marjoram will be too? Info about marjoram on the web is contradictory often, maybe because it is not very common.


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