Carolina Reaper - Flowers but no peppers

Derek Conlon
last month

Good Day to everyone!

I can't get any peppers to grow on my plant and I'm sure it's something I'm not doing and I'm looking for advice/help.

Its in a smaller pot (maybe 1/2 a gallon?) and it has nice dirt (FoxFarm). I water it with tap water (probably part of the problem there, right?) and it gets sun through my roof (I have a big open, sun roof type thing in this room) for about 4-5 hours a day. direct sun except it goes through the plexiglass.

Obviously the plant looks healthy and is big, but peppers just never form.

Nutrients? PH balanced water?

The room is kept at normal temps. I can't tell you the exact temperatures, but I'd say 85-90 in the day and like, 70 at night.


I also have a siraccha pepper plant growing in a tent (in the same room) with a 600w LED grow light cut on it 100% of the time (so 24/7 light) and also giving it tap water and its in the same size pot and it actually has grown 2 peppers so far (just 1 stem is growing them, I find that odd, the other stems just drop all their flowers. Here is a pic of that too but I'm assuming whatever you say to help me with the reaper I can apply to this one as well and it will produce better.

it kind of looks unhealthy IMO but maybe they are supposed to look like this?

any advice on this one would be welcomed as well.

I can get more pictures if that will help.

Thank you guys!!


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