What is happening to my Oakleaf Hydrangea

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Please, could anyone help me troubleshoot what is happening to my hydrangeas? They are 2.5 years old, planted in clay soil amended with compost, in zone 8 (central AL), in full morning sun. They leafed very well in the spring, but throughout this very wet summer they have barely flowered, and leaves were getting brown/purple and falling. I treated for Cercospora with an anti fungal, with almost no results. Then I thought it could be insects and I applied neem oil a few times, always following label instructions. Now the leaves of whole top branches look like the are “melting” like Dali clocks. Some of the plants are pretty much dead, others hanging in there. They start to leaf out and when the new growth starts getting over 1”, it get spots or “melts down”. What could it be? Any ideas, please?

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