Couple water lily questions

catherinet (5IN)
4 months ago

I've started seeing a lot of these little insects on my water lily blossoms. Any idea what they are?

Also, in the second picture, it shows my water lily in my 300 gallon stock tank. It behaved itself last year, and also this spring I actually thinned it to half. Now it's piling up on itself. I have been fertilizing it and getting 3-4 blossoms at a time. Am I just fertilizing it too much? I read somewhere that you can cut back some of the leaves without hurting the plant. Are there any rules to that? Of course, this wouldn't be a problem in a much larger pond, but this is all I've got. I probably should invest in a smaller lily......but for the last couple of years, this wasn't a problem.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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