Flush Mounted Bosch Induction Cooktop

Lana Shulman
2 months ago

I just installed the Bosch induction cooktop. In the installation instructions it says nothing about flush mount but my countertop installers said it’s possible (for extra $). Since Bosch doesn’t support flush mount I said I just want the drop in, however they made a mistake and did the cutout and finish for flush mount (I only saw it today and was really surprised), I like the look but there is a tiny gap may be 1/16 between the counter and cooktop all the way around. I probably have 2 options, complain to counter company and redo the piece (would probably be more expensive option for them to supply completely new piece and I am not sure now clean it will look to disconnect it from the rest where there is a seam etc.), or a tiger option fir me to live with it, but what do I use if anything to fill in that 1/16 ? I know the companies that do support flush mount supply some foam material. Can I use it or anything with my cooktop or just leave it as is?( the direct dust and dirt collector:) thank you all for suggestions.

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