Bad tile job on shower niche?

Jackie Peterson
2 months ago

My husband and I are first time home owners, and just finished our first major home project. We hired a general contractor to compelate a bathroom remodel. Overall we are happy with the work, but now a week later Im questioning some of the tile work. I noticed when they first tiled the shower niche that the bottem ledge sloped forward. When i looked online I read it was supposed to slope for water drainage, so i thought it was OK. They finished all the work, and we paid them the final balance. We left town for a few days then came home to find some of the bottles had sliped forward and fallen off the ledge. They dont slip off immediately, but they do seem to creep forward and fall off after a day or 2. They are glass tiles, but i didnt think things would be sliding off them. Ive never had a tile shower before. Is this a common problem with shower niches, or did they really botch the slope? Should I have another tile person take a look? Is there a way to fix the shelf without damaging the rest of the tile job? Dont have the budget to redo the whole thing, and we love the tile. The niche is wide enough and deep enough that my husband found a small tension shower rod that would fit across the niche and hold the bottles back. I could live with that solution, but a little sad to have such an obviously jerry rigged solution in our expensive brand new shower. Any input would be appreciated.

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