Teenage boy funk-smell

last month

I started to get the bedrooms ready for the two exchange students coming. I had to de-lint all of the bedding and rewash them. One of the boys washed their bedding with dryer lint from the looks of it and so when Leo rewashed everything for me before he left, there was lint stuck on everything. The other boy's mattress pad was covered with lint so I'm assuming it was him.

Even after washing most of the bedding, there is a funky smell in there. I have the window open right now to help air it out. The other room, where my daughter stayed doesn't smell like that. It has been closed up for more months and is a smaller room.

I'm going to leave it open all afternoon and vacuum and mop in there. I can't use chemical sprays and don't want to cover up the funky smell anyway. I want to get rid of it. I thought about mopping with vinegar water instead of using a swiffer pad. Any ideas?

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