Fascia trim options

2 months ago

Hello fellow design enthusiasts!

You guys are always so helpful I had to come back. We have had to do extensive repairs on our house this year (great timing with cost of material---thanks Covid). I am sure most of you know that once you start opening things up, it becoming a domino effect and you have to start correcting the awful handyman work. That being said, our current issue is the fascia. We had to rebuild the roof (what started this whole experience), and because it was so poorly done, we had to basically build a new roof on top which makes for a giant fascia (24"!!). We have resided the house (roof leaks do major damage everywhere fun fact), and are going with black.

Our contractor is trying to be creative and look at a thicker gauge steel, as we are concerned the aluminum fascia typically used will just warp and bubble since it's a large surface area, black and a thin material.

I just discovered this morning PVC fascia trim products, but can only find 10" widths.

Does anyone know of any other options that might work? Or have you worked with PVC trim before?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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