Has anyone experienced teeth being cemented shut?

7 days ago
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I had root canal done, and because I had to cancel followup appointments due to illness, the dentist was booked solid with nothing available for months on end.

So they said they'd try to squeeze me in, and that's what i've been thru these past two weeks. Today was the 2nd followup (to fit the and get impressions for the permanent one). Today's visit was perhaps THE most traumatic dental experience of my life, because not just was the drill to whittle down my tooth painful (I'd opted out of novocaine this time, since the needle above Tooth-7 was a killer),

...but also there were several dragged-out trauma's during the visit.

...See, because she was juggling me with others (for aforesaid reason), she left me in the room with the "bit between my teeth" several times, resulting in major terror, such as:

(1) One time, my saliva built up, minute after endless minute (while the horrible tasting gunk was between my teeth). I was scared to swallow such toxic tasting saliva, but felt like i was choking from the saliva. So out of desperation, I contorted myself out of the dental chair and all the obstacle-courses, and once i'd extricated myself, I hurried over to the secretary, motioning for a scrap paper to write on. I wrote "I'm choking on my saliva". And even after that, the dentist took her time transferring to me.

(2) Toward the end, she again left me on my own abnormally long time, (after having told me to bite down and make sure it's the way i naturally bite.) Finally finally, she comes back in and tells me to "Open up". Except I couldn't! It was like my teeth were cemented shut! I tried SO hard. (Sorta like feeling mummified, or buried alive! Another time i had such terror was during an incident of Sleep Paralysis, and that's because I had never heard of S.P. so didn't realize it eventually wears off.)

...anyway, the dentist urged "you can do it". Finally, after trying EXTREMELY hard, my upper jaw finally detached from the lower jaw.

...Is this common or highly uncommon?? Did it get so cemented because she neglected it too long? I couldn't find any answers on this topic online.

I'm seriously considering switching to another dental office, despite the fear of going from frying pan to fire, since it's often the case that grass on the other side turns out less green.

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