New mattress update.

Remember my mattress from Macys that developed a dip in the middle and I was able to exchange? My new mattress finally got delivered. I'm afraid to jinx myself but I LOVE my new mattress.

My biggest concern with the new mattress besides costing way more than I wanted to spend was what if it was uncomfortable. It is "medium firm" and while comfortable at the store I was afraid a new mattress would be rock hard before a break in period.

There was a hiccup at delivery...there was a big splinter of wood impaled in the middle of the underside of the mattress so they will have to exchange it. My guess is someone was going to receive a damaged furniture delivery that day that that splinter of wood belonged to.

This is the new mattress but I bought but on sale. I know mattresses are all about personal preference but I would highly recommend this one for a side and back sleep who like a soft feel. The ONLY thing I could see being an issue if this bothers you, would be motion transfer. I noticed it, but it doesn't bother me.

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