LAWN BOY 8072 Hard to start, dies

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Having trouble with my Lawn Boy 8072 - again.

Last year, it would start, then die. I pulled the carb, cleaned it (I found a bunch of debris in side), and that solved the problem. Ran fine the remainder of last season, and this season- up to now.

Last week, it ran very poorly, low rpm, as if I was cutting high grass. Today, it starts, then dies. I pulled the carb again, opened it up, and it was spotless- just as I left it last year.

It is very difficult to start when cold, and when it does, it runs poorly. One thing I did notice is that the cable for the dead mans switch (brake) was frayed and nearly broken- only one strand connected-, and the brake is apparently on. I jury-rigged the end of the cable under a nut on the primer housing, so as to try to provide tension (and simulate someone holding the handle). Would the brake being on create the very-low rpm condition?

I also removed the two electrical leads that go to the handle also, to rule out a short in the dead mans switch (which would kill the ignition)


Governor is fine.

I cleaned the muffler, which was not clogged (the round tube portion was clear)

I still can't get the machine to run. And it's impossible to start when hot.

When it was running, it sounded like the ignition was about to cut out. Any way of testing the ignition module?

A new cable for the brake is $45 alone. I have parts on order = $12 for a new starter cord, $7 for a primer hose (mine is so brittle I have to immerse it in boiling water to soften before I connect it to carb.)

I measured compression. It's at 50 psi after two pulls of the starter.

I also have a 1/4 inch x 3 inch hole in the mower deck - corrosion, and holes in the grass bag.

I don't know where to go from here. It's almost 100 dollars and my time to fix this mower up. Time for a new one?

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