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What in the world to do with old baby car seats? You can't sell them and to put the in the trash stream just seems to be so problematic.

I fetched down from the attic my grandsons old car seat and it seemed to be in good shape so I posted it on a give away site.

When I went to clean it I found that it had a cushioning pieces that had been damaged and broken in a small spot.

And, the synthetic underlining fabric for the seat cushion had crumbled. I suspect that this damage is due to the fact that it has been stored in a very hot attic for a couple of years.

I have the one that I used in my car that was kept in a closet in the house and it is fine, despite it being from the same time and the same model. This is the one that his mother used in her car. He has been grown out of it for a long time. I was just keeping a couple of his seats around for when his younger cousins might come to visit.

I think that the piece of foam in the seat that broke is broken because of reasons other than the heat in the attic. I also think that the seat is still perfectly safe. This little piece of broken foam is on the bottom of the seat. All of the other straps and what not are made of materials that will not ever break down as well as is the strong shell of the seat. And the lining on the inner side of the seat cushion was just that cheap perforated stuff and is in no way integral to the use or safety of the seat. I can see how that was affectd by the heat.

Some responded with wanting it but I have not answered them.

I think that I might answer and let them decide if they still want it or not. Given what I know about the seat, I would still use it if I needed it.

But, if i have to get rid of it, where do I take it?

Any suggestions? It has a whole bag of extra accessories and such. So, it is more than just a seat. It is a lot of stuff to just throw into the waste stream.

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