Help! Long, narrow dining/living room!!!

Sel Bee
9 days ago

I'm struggling with the furniture layout in this long, narrow room!

Here is what you first see when you walk into the house. The white bricks are where a woodstove used to be (just removed by previous owner)

At the far end through that doorway is the kitchen

This picture (below) was taken standing in the kitchen doorway.

Decisions made so far:

The plan is to rip up the laminate and get back to the original pine, which will be finished with osmo polyx hardwax (the only hardwax I could source here).

It will end up looking something like this:

The walls will be painted white (likely BM Chantilly Lace in matte).

I will get more measurements later but the length of the room is about 28' and the width of the wider part is 10' 9" I believe, making the narrower end(dining area) about 9' 9").

There is an electric fireplace hanging in kitchen on a random wall, and I've been considering putting it on the bricks and buying or building a surround, keeping the bricks at the top exposed. So like the below pictures but above where the TV is will be the bricks to the ceiling still.

The only issue is that it's in the middle of the room length-wise, so I can't center anything around it!

Couches have not been purchased yet but they will be Ikea Uppland with white slicovers. Still undecided regarding size and style (sectional, sofa + accent chairs (not Uppland), sofa + loveseat).

Would it be okay to have the dining at the far end by the kitchen door, the living room seating area by the front (to the right of the bricks), and just have a fireplace randomly between the two areas? It seems a shame not center the seating around it!

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Flooring is being ripped today so I will update with photos once it is completed!

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