Alternative to a bulky fridge?

2 days ago

Hi all! The house I am in the process of buying has a really small galley kitchen, but the rest of the house is lovely so I'm willing to work with it. I am going to hire a contractor to remove a partition wall and take down some overhanging 90's style plant ledges to open the kitchen up to the vaulted ceiling above and the living space/dining area beyond. However, that still leaves a standard french door, bulky fridge that takes up nearly half the kitchen space along one of the walls, leaving virtually no counter space on that side, since the stove is also along that wall. The fridge also sticks out really far into the narrow floor space.

I considered just swapping it out for a counter depth fridge, but I'd really like to get the thing out of there to reclaim some counter space, add some much needed cabinets, and to provide for a more balanced look. But I can't not have a fridge! I thought about installing a built-in under-the-counter mini fridge with drawers for items we access throughout the day (drinks, refrigerated snacks, fruit, etc.) and sticking the big fridge in the garage. My husband is not liking this idea so far, but he's open to considering it. My worry isn't about the inconvenience - I feel like having more counter space would more than make up for having to walk a little further to round up my meal items. It might actually force me to get more organized before I begin preparing meals by having everything ready in advance. But I do worry about resale value, if the kitchen would look weird without an obvious fridge, that sort of thing. What do you guys think? Any other ideas?

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