Allium atropurpureum (Ornamental Onion)

4 months ago

Allium atropurpureum, I have planted these and I think they are cool, different from the "globe ball" Alliums.

I easily get one strong plant that flowers the first year after planting the onion bulb, but the second year I get some leaves early then it fails by late Spring, no flower. If you dig it up there are more than a dozen little pearl onion babies around the original bulb.

So if I left the planting alone, would I eventually get a flowering cluster? They just seem to die off so far. I would not call these areas I planted soggy or rich soil and they get a half day to mostly full day of sun. I assume these onions would want a rather harsh environment, so amending the soil would probably be bad. My Allium christophii actually self seeds and grows in the harshest parts of the yard.

So what should I expect? I suppose I could treat them like an annual, they are not very expensive.

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