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Roof question: should I change roof tiles to shingles?

Laura Lee
2 years ago

We need a new roof & the roofer suggested we shift to shingles since lumber is so costly and our roof tiles are not through-body tiles. So they look a bit tired and seem to have a little algae, but are they tired enough to switch out for shingles? Original roof circa 1978.

Our stucco is very unique. I am tempted to stay true to design of home and redo her as best we can, keeping with her originality. Thoughts? Or are shingles nowadays so much better that it will give her that face lift she needs? She will be painted, as it is just stucco now. Any help or suggestions are appreciated! Roofer said we can do 30-year dimensional shingles or Presidential shingles. He recommends Presidential though it is a lot more costly. Has anyone had experience w Presidential? Worth the cost? I always thought these roof tiles would last 100 years and are valuable especially for resale. But now I don’t know? Thank you!!!

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