More on wedding dress shopping...

My friend's wedding in Sept is a Friday night 5pm. The bride is requesting formal attire.

I just checked upstairs and I have a tea length formal dress I made way back. It's a little tight in the bust, but otherwise it fits fine. I have a stole that goes with it too. Wow. I made this back in 2008!

The dress is navy crepe, the bodice has a design in black velvet outlined in sparkly stuff. The stole is the same fabric as the dress, only I used the shiny side rather than the crepe.

If I don't go with something new, you think this will work?

Also DH has a tux or he has a dark suit....should he go with the tux?

Or these days, is "formal" more a message to the young'uns to make sure they don't show up in shorts or jeans...

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