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Anyone else have backyard robins that have figured out the feeders?

2 years ago

We have a pair that always builds a nest on the downspout by our house. Last year we put live mealworms on a tray on the ground near the nest, and they ate them. And a couple of times last year I saw the robin trying to figure out how to land on the suet cage by our birdfeeders (around 30 feet from the nest site), and also scrapping around on the ground for suet bits dropped by other birds.

THIS year on the other hand.... robins have mastered how to land on and eat from the suet. They're not graceful doing it, but they do it. Also, I have a tube feeder with a mix of sunflower seeds, dried fruit, and dried mealworms. I have seen them on that and eating from the bottom tray and the ports. Then I put the grape jelly feeder up for the orioles. Robins figured that one out FAST! And believe it or not, I've also seen them on our hopper feeder helping themselves to hulled sunflower chips.

I don't know if this is normal, but I swear it's true! Here is the only picture I managed to get so far, with one of the robins looking derpy while on the tube feeder: