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help w/ backsplash! I’m at my wits in 2yrs into a post fire rebuild.

Brooke Rummonds
2 years ago

Our house burned down almost two years ago in June of 2019 (our youngest was three weeks old so it was a crazy time). We’re a couple months from completion and I just do not have the brain power for any more decisions! We chose the Taj Mahal countertops because, duh, they’re amazing. But now (like everyone else who chooses Taj Mahal) we’re stuck at a backsplash. The house has a very classic feel to it and I’m not looking for anything crazy ornate. I’ve scoured through every discussion in here re this topic and have lots of inspiration picks but I need help. I’m between a beveled tile (pictured in the partially done kitchen) or the maniscalco kaleidoscope series in soft white and white. I’d like to do a herringbone pattern with two shades to add a little “pop” (if you can even call it that).

I am no good at all of this and I just so badly want my house back but I know I’ll regret it if I don’t thoroughly think this through.

Could you please help this tired mama figure it out?

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