DA Rambler vs Climber? And feedback on Lady of the Lake?

sd2102 (8b PNW)
6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

I'm thinking of taking out my small dahlia bed and putting in roses next spring (giving them one more summer to convince me otherwise). I was looking for a climber to put up against the fence there and came across Lady of the Lake. It's a rambler, but supposed to be repeat flowering.

So I'm wondering what's the actual difference between DA climbers and ramblers? Is it just flower size? Can I train the rambler along a trellis?

Also, I'm looking for any feedback on Lady of the Lake. I didn't find too much when I searched the forum. It's going to go against a west facing fence and will get a fair amount of mid-day sun in the summer. Anyone have an experience with how it holds up in the heat and sun?

I'm planning on putting Kew Gardens in front of it and then adding some rose companion plants to fill in the visual gaps in the bed.


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