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Questions about Cooper's hawks' preferred dinning....

catherinet (5IN)
2 years ago

I'm still feeding the birds by throwing seed in our driveway. We live in the woods. I will slowly back off feeding them once late spring/summer gets going. I have to admit, one reason I'm feeding them this long is because of Tina the turkey. I posted about her in another post earlier. We've grown so accustomed to her visiting us every morning and evening.

I've been hearing a Cooper's hawk near the house a lot recently. It's quite vocal. This morning I looked out and Tina was slowly coming into the open area around the house. But....up in a tree very close by was a Cooper's hawk.......who was making intermittently screeching noises. I think Tina is a bit hard of hearing. But........the Cooper's hawk didn't seem interested and Tina didn't seem to care about it being so close (unless her hearing is so bad). But.........long story even longer.........Would a Cooper's hawk take on a turkey? Tina is pretty big. She's been around for several years, and I find it amazing that no other animals (coyote/dog/owl/hawk/human) has gotten her. It's such a neat experience to have a wild turkey around.

I have trouble with not taking sides with nature's choices. It's hard, but I keep trying to remember that I probably shouldn't take sides. Although I have to admit, I get ticked off when some bad things happen because humans are messing nature up. But maybe I'm doing that, by offering seed??

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