Can citrus be grown indoors successfully?

6 months ago

I have a meyer lemon tree that I got this last fall, and I really like it. It is still quite spindly, as the plant that was mailed to me was close to 3’6”, but only had 4 branches at the very top, and the rootstock and trunk of the Meyer is still very thin, like pencil thin.

I have read through countless forums including here, and I know that citrus trees BELONG outdoors, but my concern is the wind I have living on the plains. My yard doesn’t have a sheltered spot from the wind, and we quite routinely get 20-30 mph winds, with gusts into the 40-50 range, and i just worry that until my tree really matures, if I kept it outside during the summer it would just blow over, or blow away.

It is sitting in a bay window with a grow light on it 14 hours a day now, seems to be doing ok, with some slight yellowing of a few leaves that I think I have tracked to overwatering, as scaling back seems to have stopped any progression, and there are new growth and buds forming on the tree.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has had any success in growing Meyer lemon or other citrus trees solely indoors?

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