Girl's room design help!(Long post alert!)

6 months ago


I am back to square one in creating a story board for my 6-year old's room. Initially (one month back when we hadn't moved into our new home yet) I was inclining to choosing pinks and grey paint colors. But now I feel I need to add some vibrant and fun colors in her room. My girl is all about rainbows, unicorns, hearts, umbrellas. She wants to have a canopy; she loves her doll house and her stuffies.

Right now, the room is a clean slate. I am attaching few pictures of her room in current state so this can give you can idea. My main pain points are – choosing the right paint colors for her room with the existing furniture (and may be existing bedding too), deciding a bedding that is easy to maintain, setting up the nook with fun colors that go well with pink and whites.

Looking forward to hearing from ya’ll experts! Thank you so much in advance!

This (as below) is what I have in mind and need some guidance and suggestions especially on the color coordination:

1. Paint colors: I want to keep ONE wall of her choice of color (she chose BM Camellia Pink 2093-50, although I am nervous that Camellia Pink will be a bit mature for her age or even a bit dull...) and the rest of the walls with a neutral color. Is BM-Playful Pink a better option, something that is not Pepto-Bismol pink but calming pink enough? What neutral color can I pair with either of these pinks for the remaining 3 walls)?

2. Accent wall design: I plan to keep make the wall right next to her bed as the accent wall and use rainbow + unicorn decals. I don’t want to spend on painting 7 seven different stripes on the accent wall for the rainbow look especially knowing that her taste may change next year... or so... One thing for sure is, she needs the rainbow right next to her bed…Lol!!

3. Bedding: For the bedding, we have ikea duvet sets (hearts and ballerina). She started using a weighted blanket past few months and will continue to use it. The duvet cover is light, and she prefers to have her duvet cover on top of her weighted blanket when she goes to bed. So, I don’t want to spend on comforter set or any bedding set for Twin size bed because I know I will be spending on another weighted blanket as she grows. So, what other options do I have to make her bed a bit more fun or theme based and easy for her to make her bed? I am staying away from putting too many pillows on her bed, because most of the time those extra pillows are on the floor...

4. Curtains/night stand: I LOVE these gingham pattern curtains which I bought during her toddler days but never got a chance to use it, as we were in the middle of shifting cities and then countries. I plan to use these curtains for now. I am planning to replace the brown nightstand with a small white nightstand and replace the night lamp as well. I will let her choose the night lamp.

5. Study table: I plan to put a cork board above the table where we/she can clip hang her artwork. She loves whenever her work is on the wall!!!

7. Fun/Relax nook: The area that is taped with orange color is where I want to set up a canopy with some cushions, pillows, a book shelf, shaggy rug. What colors can I chose to make this area fun. I feel there is already so much of whites and pinks going around in the room, I need to add some yellows, greens, dark blues, orange… how can I make this nook fun and vibrant? I want to keep this nook open for her to relax but at the same time functional too. I am thinking a 6 x 5 shaggy rug would be a good idea. Any suggestions on size and color of rug?

8. Vanity: The area that is taped with purple masking tape is where I plan to put a mirror and a small table for her to keep her jewelry box, her clips. I am not sure if I can find such a slim table and mirror. Any suggestions? Not planning to keep her dresser because her closet is quite spacious and has shelving and drawers.

Pic 1 - this is the view when you enter the room

Pic 2 - this the fun nook you see when you are on bed. The small red taped area is where I want to hang a canopy and orange taped area is the rug size I plan to use here.

Pic 3- view from the study table side

Pic 4 - this is where I plan to keep a vanity table and mirror. Hoping it will work otherwise this is dead space:-(

Sorry for such a LOOOOng post but I wanted to add as many details as I can to get the right help. Thank you again!!

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