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OT How are Things in These Difficult Times?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

We are overwhelmed with TV/radio bad news about how Covid is affecting all of us plus the information coming in from the US re the election, plus fresh murmurings of Brexit.

Annpan has mentioned below about more state-borders closures in Australia and I was wondering how things are in your part of the world?

Here in the UK Covid outbreaks are on the increase especially in poorer, more racially diverse often Northern locations and the whole of *England is on a second month-long 'lockdown'. Essential shops are open (food medicines etc) only very small groups of people can meet at home but at least schools and colleges remain open, although often students have been 'blamed' for spreading the virus. Most people reluctantly obey the directives but, as always, there are a few "I demand my rights" characters plus some who just don't give a damn and carry on partying and doing their own thing.

The people who appear to be suffering the most are the elderly in care-homes who are not allowed to have visits from their families and many dementia sufferers etc have become increasingly frail and distressed by the situation.

Please tell us what are the 'rules' in your State, country, area and are they 'working'.

* Scotland Wales and N Ireland have their own regulations

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