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Help with choosing new interior window color please!

2 years ago

I‘d love your thoughts and advice. Several years ago we painted our stained trim and windows in every room EXCEPT the kitchen and family room using SW 7006 Extra White. The kitchen‘s cherry cabinets are a stained a dark honey color and in the family room we have a lot of blinds that would have had to be replaced and I just wasn’t sure how the white would look in those two rooms. Now it’s time for new windows and a patio door. So my question is should I get my new windows and patio door stained in the kitchen and family room or go all white for the windows and trim and room moldings to match the rest of the house? Or maybe just white in the kitchen? I would get a new lighter wood woven blind for over the sink but will keep my curtains on the patio door. I've been told I can keep my existing blinds in the family room but not sure how that will look with white windows. I could update the blinds to white 2 inch if I had to. Just not sure how the starkness of the white will go with my kitchen cabinets or the large stone wall in the family room. You can see in the photos I’ve put one coat of SW 7006 on one window in the family room to get the feel and just put up pieces of white paper on some of the trim but I’m still baffled. Thank you!

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