Cabbage soup recipe


I've made cabbage soup for a number of years. Mine calls for hamburger (which I often leave out), tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots.

Years and years ago I made one which I've been craving, but I lost the recipe long ago. It was lighter, no tomatoes, and I think it probably had beef broth. No potatoes either. It was a lighter soup, which is what I'm craving. It might have had some roast beef chunks in it, though. Do any of you make cabbage soup without tomatoes and potatoes?

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Jasdip, you might do a search for Weight Watcher's soups. They have a cabbage soup that has broth and their zero point vegetable soup also contains cabbage. I have eaten the zero point and think it is very good.

disclaimer: I have no affiliation with WW.

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l pinkmountain

I made some this past week with Italian sausage, white beans, and cabbage. It had chicken broth but I think beef or vegetable broth could be used depending on what taste you like. Also had onion, celery and carrot, the classic trio. I added some additional Italian seasoning and garlic and some white wine. Topped with parmesean. Better the second day . . . would have been good with some chopped tomato also . . . I also added kale.

I make a meat free borscht with beets, carrots, onions, cabbage, celery, dill and lemon juice. I have also made mushroom barley soup with dill and cabbage along with onion, celery and carrot. Mine is meatless but meat broth could be used along with whatever bits of meat you like . . .

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