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Where to install a shower glass door?

3 years ago

We are ordering a new shower door glass enclosure and have the an option to choose the location of the door. We will go with a framed enclosure because we have not been happy with the frameless option - too much water escape.

There are some pros and cons of installing the door on either side that I am aware of.

If installed on the side of the fixtures:

  • can reach in to turn on the water without entering the shower stall (letting it warm up before entering)
  • water not directly spraying on the door
  • sturdy mount point for door in the wall
  • since a framed door swings one way only, outwards, door would open in a passage area where one would enter/exit from the bedroom
  • not sure how likely, but someone could run into the door as they enter the bathroom
  • floor mat in passage area would be conspicuous

If installed across from fixtures:

  • door is not in a back and forth passage area
  • floor mat would be unobtrusive
  • would have to enter stall to turn on the water
  • water would spray directly on the door
  • no solid mount point like against a wall

Would like feedback and advice on do’s and don’ts, basic rules to follow, etc.


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