will a barn owl attack my pekingese or pug?


i want a barn owl to move into my garden but i'm worried it will attack my dogs one weighs 5 kg (the pekingese who is fluffy and stupid) the other is a 10 kg pug. i am in south Africa if it helps. this is my first foray into bird watching so please excuse my ignorance.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI ♱

Unlikely. Bigger owls might but this is a medium sized owl. Rats are about the biggest prey for them although they may grab a chicken on occasion.


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Being a slightly neurotic person, I would never leave a small pet outside alone, because of some big birds. When I used to have chickens, who were essentially my pets), I was on a chicken forum. One person told of the time that a young girl was holding her chicken and talking to her dad, right in front of her, and a hawk swooped down and grabbed the chicken. So....I just would be extremely careful in protecting a very small pet.

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