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Can you tell me what happened to my vegetable plants?

3 years ago

I recently planted a persian cucumber; an eggplant and two peppers in different places in my pasadena garden among many other plants such as tomatoes, zucchini etc. Everything is fine and thriving. Yesterday I came to check on my garden and see that ONLY the 4 veges noted, look shriveled up and nearly dead. I believe the last time I had checked on them was 48 hours earlier. All veges nearby are perfectly fine. I suspect a nocturnal animal did something to these 4 plants. Has anyone had similar experience? Anyone know what could have caused this? PS: the cucumber and eggplant were next to each other and the 2 peppers were in a different area about 10 feet away.

The two peppers were next to each other as well. I am shocked that anything living could be so toxic and deadly to the veges.

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