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Computer speed problem

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Recently I've been having speed problems with my 2-year old Win10 PC. I'm not sure if it's a network problem, or a computer hardware problem. What's a good problem to test my network speed. I'm doing a lot of Zoom meetings, and they seem slow. I have Symantec Endpoint Protection (Virus and Spyware, Proactive Threat, and Network and Host Exploit), and it says "no problems detected". Running the Task Manager reveals a lot of activity which I cannot trace. Recently I downloaded a large zipped file from my Google Drive and it took forever to unzip it.

One possible cause is that I was trying to install a program, and got the message to update my Java installation. I tried, and got the message that the update wouldn't work with Chrome (which is what I was using), so I switched to Edge and tried again. Got another response, saying that I needed to use Internet Explorer, which I then installed. I never solved my Java problem, but things seem to have slowed down ever since I installed IE.

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