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Need help please! Updating wall color for fresh look with travertine

2 years ago

I’d appreciate suggestions for Sherwin Williams paint colors to give our a home a more classic, timeless update that looks fresh . Would like an off white, warm white , light Greige or creamyish color.. . There are lots of colors in the travertine but I’ve been told there is a primarily pink Beige undertone.

SW panda white was suggested to me....lovely...except the pink undertones come out at night with artificial lighting and sometimes the trav looks so yellow compared to the paint in early morning. I want to work with the travertine to neutralize it as best as I can...but I really dont want to see pink peaking through! Most of this floor is north side of house. There is lots of light but it is that bluish light that can make some colors too cold.

And what color trim would you suggest?

Would really appreciate feedback...I need to give painters colors soon. thank you so much! I included a pic of 2 story living adjacent to the travertine floors. We will make changes with curtains, furniture rugs if needed...just floors are staying. Appreciate any help!! Thank you!

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