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Vanity & Wall Paint Color for Scabos Travertine Bathroom - Help

6 years ago

I am about to have Scabos Travertine installed for my bathroom. It will include a walk-in shower (no lip). One wall just outside shower will have the entire wall tiled; and the rest of the bathroom (to include the area in this picture) will have travertine tile about 3 1/2 feet up on the wall.

I need to figure out what color to paint the remaining wall and vanity. The only thing I kept in the bathroom was the vanity, but now I’m wishing I wouldn’t have kept it.

The vanity is an old oak (mixture of wood and laminate) vanity. First, I tried a java gel stain and the first coat made it look so dark (See picture). Tonight, I tried a quick coat of creme and it looks cheap to me (See picture).

I stood in Lowe’s for an hour looking at different paint colors for my walls. I “think” it should probably be a lighter color of one of the colors in the tile, but I’m so afraid of it being too dark in the bathroom.

Please help! What color should I paint my walls and vanity?


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