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Different height base trim in bathroom. Good idea? Good style?

4 years ago

I am working on remodeling my entire house. I am at the trim and doors stage, having trouble deciding on baseboard height in the bathroom. I always come to Houzz for advice, figure its about time I actually ask a question.

I've decided on a simple 1x6 base throughout the home to achieve a more contemporary look. I have 8.5' ceilings (it's a pain but looks nice). I think that 6" base balances the height of the ceiling pretty well. However the bathroom I was originally thinking of doing 4" base because its such a small room and the 6" seemed weirdly tall. I am now second guessing that decision and wanted some more opinions before I do the work. The only minor downside of a 6" base is the need to weirdly cut it around the toilet fill escutcheon (half on, half off).


1: Is it noticeable or weird to jump base heights in one room like this?

2: Not considering the rest of the house, do you prefer 4 or 6 inch base in this bathroom?


4 Inch:

6 Inch:

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