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Double owners' suits: good idea/bad idea?

5 years ago

Four kids, aged 13-2. Hoping this will be our "forever home". House must be two stories b/c of lot size.

Plan A was to put the kids upstairs, owners' suite downstairs:

I do see the appeal of being on the same floor as the kids. Not for the "getting to a sick kid quickly" factor or "kids coming to us in the middle of the night" (we're on a different floor now and it's fine) but in terms of their bedrooms not feeling like an auxiliary part of the house and having more of a finger on the pulse of what's going on after hours.

So now I'm considering Putting five (jeepers, that sounds like a lot!) bedrooms upstairs, four small kid rooms w/ 2 baths plus an owners' suite and then a second owners' suite downstairs.

We'd be upstairs for the foreseeable future with the downstairs room as a playroom/craft room/guest room.

In the future that room could be used for an elderly parent or us if/when we get to a point where stairs are a problem (or a temporary bedroom for anyone at any point with a broken ankle, etc.).

We were already planning a downstairs bedroom for the same purposes, this would just make it bigger.

Pros are having us upstairs with the kids, great playroom space on the first floor (since I know there's no way the little kids will want to play upstairs or in the basement when the adults are on the first floor) and will keep (some of--I'm no novice ;)) the toys out of the living room.

Other than costs (don't know what they would be yet) I'm struggling to think of cons to this plan. We aren't planning an elaborate suite in the first place. Having a big closet for the craft/playroom would be terrific.

Thoughts? I've warned the architect that I'm thinking about this but he's not working this week so I can't bounce it off him yet.

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