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Steep slope next to front stairs--landscaping ideas?

3 years ago

Hello! I have a steep slope next to front stairs that is currently overrun with ivy and laurel bushes (both just got hacked back in a rather unfortunate way, but, well, what's done is done). This is a western facing slope in Seattle (Zone 8b) that does get fried in summer sun (we do have sun here!). Wanting to do something extremely low maintenance and ensure the hillside is stable (the ivy also runs past the fence all along under the 15ft deck as well). I figure I either keep it simple and resign to keep the laurel and ivy and just maybe add a small retaining wall at the bottom (what looks to be like a small wall is really just small concrete pavers stacked up), or rip it all out and do some proper terracing. My concern with the second option is cost. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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