Protecting my bluebirds

Gwendolyn jo Nelson

I put up a bluebird house last fall, have my first couple. I did not research this thoroughly before starting so now I’m trying to correct things in retrospect. My bluebird couple had been happily nesting, until 2 days ago when I noticed a brown bird going in & out of their house. I went to investigate and found a blue egg on the ground with a hole in it. I researched, then panicked because I read about house sparrows. Long story short I moved their house & nest further away and placed an identical house on the same 4x4 post that the original one was but lower. I’ve noticed the bluebird couple are back, they are now actively building a nest in the new house!! I’ve ordered the monofilament and the sparrow chaser from Michigan bluebird society. In the meantime any suggestions to keep them safe?

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