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What rose is this?--Very old belongs to my 80 year old neighbor

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

A friend of mine who is in her 80s has this rose. It came from a cutting from a rose her mother in law had that she got from a cutting ages ago. So it's a rose that was here in Texas prior to 1900. It is a once blooming rose. Completely thornless. Blooms are 3 to 3.5 inches. Extremely fragrant. Shrub is about 4x6. It blooms from early april to mid may with absolutely no repeat. It is on north side of house and has been growing there 40 plus years. Her mother in laws rose and the original rose it comes from are both still alive. Reines de violette springs to mind but no repeat to it. Empress Josephine is too big a bloom and not quite right on color, plus supposedly little fragrance. Ispahan doesn't look right.... Any suggestions?

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