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What hawk sounds like a pileated woodpecker?

3 years ago

I've been so excited thinking I had a couple pileateds on my property. I didn't see them very well, to really I.D. them. I was just going by the call. Well, I've also been seeing 2 hawks (maybe Coopers??), spending time around our house/property (35 acres). I think they have a nest.

Well just now, I thought I heard a pileated and waited for it to come into view, and sure enough, it was a hawk. I love thinking they have a nest around here, but we have lots of squirrels who I also love having.......but I think they will be the hawks' main food. the other day I was looking out the window at a squirrel on the ground. Down swoops one of the hawks and lands right behind it.......then flies off. I don't think the squirrel even knew it was there, because it kept hunting in the grass. Whew......I know that's just nature, but I don't want to see it happen. Cooper's hawks sound like a pileated?

Thanks! I will try to get a good picture sometime, but they only seem to swoop fast.


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