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Hide a Hose Proposal for new build, please help evaluate

4 years ago

Framing is going up on the first of 3 parts. First garage/apartment/family room in front of garage to open to pool going in fall 2020 or following spring. 2nd, 1200 s/f addition to be build starting approximately June/July start, that will connect the first structure to the existing bungalow 1700 s/f in Houston. I am cutting and pasting the proposal my builder obtained for me. The plan is to install the first build now and add the additional when completed. Motor unit is sized for the entire project. I do have questions about the chameleon vs HAH brand, owner/supplier says actually HAH owns chameleon, virtually the same hose/price. Also brand of motor and its cyclonic filter told it is better. I did read somewhere on all the CV threads that there is good, better, best and Cyclonic is in the good catagory. Is it and was thinking of bagged unit to avoid all dust etc, cleaning inside, and cleaning the filter. I picked the Spot or the Vroom instead of the toe kick ones, I don't own a broom, kicks up too much dust, dog/cat hair, allergens etc. I vacuum everything. Not sure about the cleaning kit with Turbo Cat. I would like something that is easier to push, bad shoulders was told I can get one with wheels. This will be mostly hardwood with area rugs, maybe carpet in bedroom, and some tile, bathrooms, laundry, and brick in mudroom and poolhouse/ I was told I could get the Sebo, with lithium battery, extra wide power head if I needed it. I have used a Sebo since 2001 still growing strong and love it. Anything else I am missing. If prices are not allowed I am sorry, trying to decide whether to install or not, or install the guts and add the unit and accessories later.

Thanks so much.

RAPID FLEX CHAMELEON-GARAGE APT & MAIN HOUSEREVISEDSpecifications for Central Vacuum Cleaning SystemInstallation Rough-In:Installation rough-in includes Rapid Flex Chameleon pre-wire in order to accommodate accessory tools and carpet groomerwith beater brush, and trunk and contributory line pipingInlet

Valves to be Installed VacPans to be installed GARAGE APARTMENT$1,100.00

(1) Utility Valve - 1st Floor (1) Rapid Flex Chameleon -

2nd Floor (1) Rapid Flex Chameleon - Pool House

MAIN HOUSE$2,500.00 (3) Rapid Flex Chameleon - 1st Floor

(2) Spots - Kitchen & Utility Room


**Trim-Out: VacuFlo FC650 Unit (Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty)$895.00

E-Class Hide-A-Hose Deluxe Cleaning Kit $449.00 Kit includes a TurboCat Zoom turbine powerhead, 12" Bare Floor Brush, Premium Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool with Brush, VacPacCaddy with Hide-A-Hose Handle

(1) GK30 Garage Kit$79.95 Items included at No Charge:Sound-Off Mufflers

Total Installation Price Including Sales Tax:$5,127.19 Rough-in billed at completion of rough-in, trim-out billed at equipmentinstall

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