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Building a large new home, Central Vac help needed

15 years ago

We are building a 8400 square foot, 2 story home. it is spread out pretty wide. I have no experience with Central vacuum systems, but we have the following proposals:

vacuflo 760 power unit $3,900

airvac zx7000 $3,100

airline vacumade s3240 $4,800

include soundoff muffler

hose socks

How do these prices seem? As I have no knowledge in these things i do not want to get ripped off. I do feel that everytime someone who bids sees the size and location of the home they jack the price up.

Also, i read some posts that said extra hoses, retractable hoses, crumb sweeps are some popular options.

Can somone who has used these things comment? Money is not that tight, but then again, we believe in sensible purchases. If we will get good utility out of these options, I'll go for it, if it is not that useful, i will pass.

Also, please chime in on the brands above, or any other, I can get any brand I want.


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